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Tension Between Boundaries and Transcendence 2024

My work is a testament to the themes of willpower, survival, and perseverance. It is a journey into the depths of the human condition, where I delve into the intricate tension between boundaries and transcendence, a psychological phenomenon that captivates and challenges us.

As inhabitants of the natural world, we are compelled to venture into the uncharted territories of existence. This innate drive, a product of our consciousness and the notion of 'self, 'empowers us to delineate boundaries with our environment, even with vast concepts like the Earth. This unique ability, a hallmark of our species, is a captivating facet of our being that I strive to capture in my art.

Our self-definition and the establishment of boundaries are not just a means of separation, but a gateway to the exploration of higher dimensions. This journey, a delicate balance between internal equilibrium and external exploration, allows us to comprehend and embrace transcendental concepts such as God, truth, good and evil, and infinity. These 'higher dimensions' refer to the realms of thought and existence beyond our immediate physical reality. It is this delicate balance that shapes our existence, a complexity I strive to convey in my art.


However, these opposing desires, the desire to deconstruct the self and the desire to reach higher dimensions, characterize our lives. The former is a desire for self-discovery and understanding, while the latter is a desire for transcendence and connection with something greater. These desires permanently and quietly reside within us. We seek to realize ourselves and experience transcendence by expressing these desires through art.

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