My primary interest is the potentiality of objects— and the physical or psychological state changes that take place inside and around us at any given moment.

My artwork visualizes the state of being asleep (unconscious) and being awake (aroused), the state in which the surface and interior are not distinguished from each other, and the potential state of being precarious and unstable but at the same time holding possibilities, through the human body or objects. Through this, it speaks of the physical and psychological changes that take place inside and outside the objects at that very moment, and of the tension that is being symptomatically manifested. Moreover, in a sense that the humans' potentials as such are concerned with continuity rather than discontinuity, and with the process of becoming existent (to become existent) rather than existence, my work embodies the will to overcome the 'stasis' of moments to strive towards 'continuity'.

I was born in 1986 and grew up in Seoul, Korea. After receiving my BA in Architect Engineering and working several years at an architecture & design firm as an advisor, I came to Boston, BFA to pursue my dream as a visual artist. I received my BFA & BA Psychology degree from Tufts University & School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) in 2016.