Isolation is often rooted in unwanted coercion. Separation anxiety, aggravated by the need to live apart from my family since childhood, played a part to limiting my life and creating unhealed trauma. It was my shadow.

This shadow, and traumatic sensitivity to isolation, became a new avenue of exploration. Transcending that hidden burden, I was free to ruminate on other dimensions of isolation. Once the shadow turned to white, isolation transformed into a tool and muse for my artwork. Immersing myself through isolation I can figuratively travel between the unconscious and conscious world. Without the obstacles of external interference, I can draw an ambiguous and surreal landscape that’s somewhere in between memory and reality. 


Isolation is now a space of eruption. Transforming the world around me, I experience dislocation and vision of characters, emotions, and endless combinations of perspectives. New harmony was achieved during my intended journey, and what I discovered was pure curiosity for experimentation. What is the true intrinsic value of a painting in which matter is imagination? Isolation is a space in which to confirm the essential meanings of modern art.