My work explores the potentiality of objects— and the physical or psychological state changes that take place inside and around us at any given moment. 

Imagine your world, and what you interact with, when asleep or awake; or interaction that occurs only on the surface or within. 

Unconsciousness and Arousal, and by extension the Internal and External are states that tremendously affect levels of tension that are systematically manifested. 

Own human potential is more concerned with continuity, rather than discontinuity. and with the process of becoming existent (to become existent) rather than existence.

This core drives how we relate and interpret the world around us on a visceral level. I wish to explore how humans will factors into this subconscious decision-making, particularly when we strive to overcome the stasis of moments toward forming perceived continuity 

My work interprets this desire to establish continuity as the fundamental building blocks of hope.