Djay is an abstract artist who focuses on exploring the contemporary state of our world culture through the trials of individuals deemed abandoned by society, and the juxtaposition between their lives and those who aren’t succumbing to extreme living environments. Painting dreamlike scenes, Jay’s process involves calming and gentle meditative states when drawing on influences; guiding a piece down the creative path towards a meaningful presence.


Specifically drawing from the ostracized in our world, Jay researches situations directly by visiting the subjects of his inspiration for weeks or months at a time— to properly place himself within the atmosphere to grasp the tone and emotion of the local perspective. Visualizing the intersection between societal realms, his paintings often feature rich colors, dynamic layering, and raw energy.

His body of work combines his academic background in architecture, which Jay studied in Korea. After moving to the United States and confronted with a dramatic diversity of races, cultures, and creeds Jay was exposed to the trials and hardships of many through volunteer work. Seeing the opportunity artwork has to transcend the barriers of language and culture, Jay seeks to illustrate emotion. An experience gathered from real stories as he travels the globe in an effort to help and live with those on the very margins of our societal awareness.

Recently returning from Bangladesh after staying with Rohinya refugees, Jay Chung is preparing for his next exhibition. Holding his B.F.A from Tufts University & School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Jay has supplemented his academic focus with the study of psychology, arts, and architectural engineering.